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Post  Uchiha Itachi on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:16 am

Due to overwhelming request, a forum has now been created for mission requests. This forum is unique, in that an administrator is not really required, aside of to confirm a mission to be acceptable in rank.

This forum is where a member, any member on this forum, may post a mission. They can use an NPC, a character they are not, to post this request up. The person to post up the mission must plan the mission occurances out themselves. They can NPC the enemies, if there are any involved, and simulate some sort of problem of the mission later on within it. In simple words, the person who requests the mission is in charge of the mission itself. No administrator will be there to help you with it, once the mission is confirmed.

Now, once you post up a request thread, depending on qualifications, others must accept. Keep in mind, this mission can not be impossibly difficult. I will explain further in detail once I have the basic sheet up for the request thread. From there, you go to the designated location of the mission, and post it up as a thread. Here, you need to put up the opening thread, making a clear indication of the setting. Whomever has accepted this mission, can go on to post as well.

Once this begins, you can start posting. Like any roleplay post, you take turns. If it ends in a battle, the rules from my battle guide should be fairly useful. However, now, you have control over NPCs. This is not limited, but keep in mind that those in your mission can not be overwhelmed by what is going on.

The sheet:


[b]Client Name:[/b]
[b]Mission Location:[/b]
[b]Mission Rank:[/b]
[b]Description of Mission:[/b]
[b]Possible Distractions:[/b]
[b]Amount of Help Needed:[/b]
[b]Extra Details:[/b]

For the rank; base it off of the description of the mission. Collecting plants for a soup-based item would not be an A-Rank mission. In retrospect, a mission concerning fighting off a member of the Akatsuki would not be C-Rank. If you want to collaborate with other members for NPCs, be sure to PM them and speak of it. Creativity is something highly needed in something like this.

With that, I adjourn this short note. I will have an example up briefly, which can be accepted depending on the qualifications I have up.

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