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Player Name: Shinrai
Native Language: English

Name: Shinrai Raikou
Birth Date: Sept. 15th
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Blood Type: B

Affiliation: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin
Team: N/A
Mother: Shuurai Raikou
Father: Tokkan Raikou
Siblings: None.

Hair colour and style: Long, lovely, full blonde hair that is as wide as her back and goes down to her ankles. It's styled into a herringbone pattern at the back and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her chest, just below her chin.
Eye colour: Brown
Body-build: Voluptous yet slender, Shinrai has ample hips and an exceptional bust. She has a very soft looking face, but her eyes are hard and cold even when she smiles, which isn't often. She is known for a slightly pouting expression, emphasizing her full lips and slender fingers as she fights the bangs covering her face.
Markings: Though not usually visible, Shinrai has a small tattoo on the upwards curve of her left breast in two kanji. A host of raw, angry scars are slashed across her back, short and vivid, concentrated around her shoulder blades and the small of her back. Again, they are usually covered by her clothing.
Outfit: Shinrai wears a tight white battle suit with red adorning the gloves, gauntlets, thigh-high boots, and her collar. The collar hugs her neck, but doesn't cover up any of her chin or the underside of her jaw. Slits with black Vs and black strings criss-cross around target areas of the suit, predominantly Shinrai's thighs, arms, and sides, baring her skin. Two short sayas cross in an inverted X on the small of her back, with another sheath over her right shoulder, to hold a slightly longer than standard ninjato. A small red emblem is at the front of her waist, with the Kirigakure symbol etched into it.


Clan Name: Raikou Clan
Head-member: Shinrai herself.
Kekkei Genkai: Arashigan - A dojutsu that seems to be intrinsically linked to Raiton; those who awaken it are rendered unable to use any other element of Ninjutsu but Raiton. It takes the form of a pinkish iris with four white lines connecting into the white pupil, which in turn has four lines around it in a strange rectangle shape. The powers of this orb allow Shinrai to see in the dark by altering ionic potency to her sight, giving her night vision, as well as mimic ionic charges and molecule arrangement of other jutsu; translation being she can copy any Raiton she sees in its entirety, provided it does not require a bloodline of its own or a preparatory jutsu. Other than that, its only purpose is to serve as an alternate source for Shinrai's Raiton, making them somewhat more potent than average jutsu, as well as removing the requirement for handseals.

Occupation around village: None in particular.
Brief history: The Raikou were orignally a prime clan of Kirigakure, if a bit arrogant; they saw themselves as equals to the Kaguya. The Raikou were a bit unique in regards to structure and tradition; they were a heavily matriarchal society, with the leader of the clan always being female. Men who married into the clan were required to drop their names and take on a Raikou name. This wasn't sexism, but rather natural selection; the bloodline seemed to react better within female Raikou, and on average a woman was stronger than a man with her Raiton. In fact, most natural born males of Raikou did not access the Arashigan at all, but it was not unheard of for one who did to have exceptional talent, if exceedingly rare. The Raikou, sadly, were amongst the groups that were slaughtered along with the Kaguya, Hyoton wielders, and other users of Kekkei Genkai. Now, the "clan" is reduced to a few small families, of which Shinrai is the new leader.

Weapon of Choice: Shinrai carries two short kodachi on her back without names, with elaborate, spiked crescent handguards. Her Shichi Seiken is a sleek, slightly extended ninjato with a blue-silver steel blade, commonly used to conduct Raiton.
Elements: Lightning

Jutsu Name: Raikousoku (Lightning Speed)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu
Type: Supplementary
Class: B
Range: -
Brief description of what it does: This technique could be summed up as a Raiton elemental Shunshin no Jutsu. Using her Arashigan's potency, Shinrai transfers energy to the entirety of her body in a brief instant, flash-firing her synapses to increase her reflexes in concert with a proper Shunshin no Jutsu. This allows her to react and attack in mid-Shunshin, as well as activate her body flicker much faster than normal users. The potency is such that rather than leaves or water, Shinrai is often just rendered as a simple red blur when she moves.

Jutsu Name: Jikifujou (Magnetic Levitation)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu
Type: Attack, Defense, Supplementary
Class: -
Range: 0-5 meters
Brief description of what it does: Rather than channel her powers for offensive attacks, Shinrai intead uses her eyes to play with the polarity of her Raiton electricity, affecting the magnetic fields around her body. This jutsu itself is far more malleable, allowing Shinrai to use the magnetic fields in the air to levitate herself for flight, or lift metallic objects. The jutsu does have a give away; whenever it is being used on something, the object crackles with a steady thrum of electricity, and seems to glow with an electric aura. She is capable of enhancing her striking power under the same principle, doubling the impact of her fists; this too can be telegraphed by a bright yellow aura encasing her body and the Raiton vaguely crackling around her. She also erect light-green shields of moderate power, just large enough to defend her own body.

Jutsu Name: Ankoku Raijinken (Dark Thunder Swift Fist)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu
Type: Attack
Class: A
Range: 0-10 meters
Brief description of what it does: Raiton • Ankoko Raijinken is a Ninjutsu technique, derived from Shinrai's Arashigan. At first it looks similar to Chidori, as Shinrai uses her Arashigan to mold the ionic molecules in the air with her chakra, forming a yellow, crackling mass of Raiton energy that is much larger than Chidori, and does not serve to pierce. Instead, Shinrai uses this jutsu as a feint, charging at them in order to force them to dodge. Upon dodging the jutsu, the opponent is hit with a spreading mass of Raiton, shocking them terribly; this can be avoided by dodging again or moving too far away for the follow up (a meter or more). Alternately the Raiton can be fired like an arrow from a distance, creating the same effect.

Jutsu Name: Ankoku Yô Rô Jin (Dark Demon Cage Formation)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu
Type: Supplementary
Class: A
Range: -
Brief description of what it does: Raiton • Ankoku Yô Rô Jin is a jutsu used by Shinrai with her Arashigan active. She forms a clone, from one to seven, from her special Raiton jutsu, with each clone being independent and fully existable on their own, as durable as Shinrai herself. However, the seven share a chakra pool and a soul, so all jutsu that the seven perform are taken from Shinrai's supply. When the jutsu ends, as well as when in progress, all the damage each clone has taken is transferred to her as well. The clones can be killed via fatal wounds, but the fatal would will not be incurred by Shinrai, though she does experience shock and a "death" sensation when one of her doubles is slain; should three of the seven doubles killed, the trauma will make the entire jutsu collapse, backlashing on Shinrai with mental damage, possibly ending her ability to fight.

Jutsu Name: Amatsu Mikaboshi (August Star of Heaven)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Type: Attack
Class: S
Range: 5-20 meters
Brief description of what it does: A long-range attack, and Shinrai's trump card. It requires that Shinrai have some way of gaining a significant height advantage, such as jumping from a two-story building or gigantic tree, or flying into the air with her Jikifujou if required, and gathering enough Raiton to form a large sphere in her hands. This technique cannot be used to target a specific person; instead, it carpet-bombs a selected area, as Shinrai sends seven screaming bolts of raw power lancing down in a formation; the explosions of the collisions interact, forming an eighth explosion in the middle zone, with a total of fifteen square meters for its impact radius. The power is enough to vaporize earth and stone. The attack takes an incredible amount of chakra, and if Shinrai waits too long to use it, the fall itself may well kill her depending on where and how she lands. The attack itself also stresses her Arashigan to the point her eyes bleed and tremble, implying it may damage the sclera and retina.

Jutsu Name: Kuwabara no Jutsu (Mulberry Tree Technique)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Type: Attack
Class: A
Range: -
Brief description of what it does: Shinrai's answer to the common chakra flow technique found in Kumogakure; this technique allows her to enhance any bladed weapon she wields, from her swords to her shuriken, with a high-intensity Raiton flow that hums and greatly increases the slicing power to equal any weapon from Kumogakure. Curiously, the technique leaves cosmetic leaves or petals when Shinrai slashes. Trivia: a mulberry tree is believed to be unable to be struck by lightning, and "kuwabara kuwabara" is a phrase often thought to ward off thunder and lightning strikes.

Jutsu Name: Tenjibari (Heaven Flash)
Classification: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Type: Attack
Class: -
Range: 0-10 meters
Brief description of what it does: Shinrai locks onto a target with her ionic vision, visibly gathering a small mass of supercharged particles in front of each eye. These concentrations merge into one orb, which then zips towards her target, shocking them with a high amount of voltage on contact. While swift, the damage is standard at best, and while Shinrai herself can direct the blast, she can't move while doing so, and it can be blocked/diffused with most metallic weaponry.


Shinrai is, above all else, an incredibly stubborn and principal-oriented woman. Socially, she is extremely hard to get to know, as she speaks with cold, distant, even hostile intent to most people. However, if her shell is penetrated, Shinrai can be discovered to be quite soft-hearted and trusting. Her faith in her friends and comrades is unyielding, as much so as a fierce desire to protect her family and clan; Shinrai's pride in her heritage is palpable, and one can scarcely engage in any conversation without that being evident. If a person is so haphazard as to earn her enmity, then Shinrai may well be their enemy for life, and is unlikely to allow anything but proportionate retribution to settle her quarrel.

Shinrai's loyalty to her village is matched only by her hatred for it. The Raikou clan leader has not forgotten the butchering of her ancestors or those like her, and for that, she condemns the hierarchy of Kirigakure, with the exception of the Mizukage. In contrast, though she will be hostile on personal levels, Shinrai has a professional love for her fellow ninja, as they take the same risks she does, many without her genetic advantages. Shinrai also cares very little for the political backlash of her missions or the actions she takes during them; she will kill in cold-blood without uttering challenges if it means safeguarding Kiri's borders...and by extension, her family.

On a personal level, something very hard to reach with Shinrai, she can be seen to be disturbingly sweet and friendly. Shinrai is fond of composing poetry, though shy about showing it to anyone due to thinking she's not very good at it. Bemusingly to one based in Kirigakure, she hates the water and getting wet, and is a poor swimmer. Shinrai is a bit of a flirt when with a male acquaintance, and has a fondness for creating innuendos for anything her associate says. She is not above standing just a BIT closer than manners dicate in conversation, to emphasize her figure....secretly, this is because Shinrai is self-conscious about not having a significant other despite her good looks and age. She has never dated, and has done no more than hug or kiss the cheek of any man outside her family.


Shinrai Raikou was born in Kirigakure to the prestigous Raikou clan. Right away, it could be inferred she was gifted amongst the clan; even for a normal baby, she matured quickly. When she was six months old, Shinrai could speak in full, if simple, sentences, and was walking perfectly at just under a year old. By the time she was two, she had a vocabulary and eloquence beyond most children three times her age. Shinrai was given a tanto when she was six years old, and graduated to a kodachi when she was seven; at age nine, she learned to use two at once. Finally, when Shinrai's mother passed away due to illness and wounds from a mission, Shinrai inherited her chisakatan, the Shichi Seiken.

However, for all her talent, Shinrai was too young to lead the Raikou. Shuurai had no siblings of her own, leaving Shinrai's father, Tokkan, to lead the clan as the first male in history to do so, until Shinrai came of age. Shinrai proved herself with a series of missions, leading up until she turned eighteen. In these missions, Shinrai moved across to the foreign nations, killing business tycoons, raiding caravans, guarding merchant convoys on the ocean, and participating in point skirmishes with other small squads. Her "lone wolf" attitude, however, developed as a result. Kirigakure's penchant for the bloody missions resulted in most, if not all, of Shinrai's coommon teammates dying in the line of duty, with Shinrai never even having time to memorize most of their names.

The most telling mission, however, came on Shinrai's 18th birthday, her first foray as the new Raikou leader. There was a traitor in the group; a young man named Kauragiri, the first man outside of the Raikou family that Shinrai had begun to develop an interest in. The mission was simple enough; simply taking down a group of anti-Kirigakure missing-nin from various villages, a small collection of only a half dozen members. They were only ranked in C and B class in the Bingo Book...a freebie mission, really. That changed when Kauruagiri betrayed them, slaying the other two members of the cell before herding Shinrai into an ambush. She was captured, and for a long time, never thought she would see Kirigakure again...

Shinrai was sold into slavery on the black market by the group, but not before she managed some small form of revenge: when Kauruagiri attempted to extract a "tip" from her via rape, Shinrai revealed her doujutsu to him, killing him for his insolence by pumping his body with enough Raiton that he bled out from his productive organs. She cut off his head with his own kunai, tossing it at his cohorts feet. Shinrai was finally sold to a man from the Land of Iron, and she was taken even farther from her beloved family, now presumed dead by her village. During this time, Shinrai was given her first tattoo on her breast: that of "power," for her display in dealing with Kaurugiri.

Shinrai's new "owner" was kind enough, employing her as a simple serving girl. However, the man died soon afterwards, and his young son proved to be far more...sadistic. Shinrai refused to give herself to him, and her power was enough that the young man knew he could never take her against her will. In response, the new master took out his anger on the other servants, who would later bind Shinrai and take THEIR revenge on her with fists, stone blades, and firebrands. This adorned Shinrai's back with her scars, searing into her body the most painful of lessons: Use others, lest you be used. The closer you are to the bottom of the ladder, the more you will be used.

Shinrai finally gained her freedom by using the same torture rituals to break her slave collar, jamming an electrified firebrand into the metal; the act nearly killed herself, but she was free at last. Shinrai immediately fled the estate, plying her kunoichi talents to rob, burglarize, and even murder others to fund her journey home. She traveled down, then booked a ship's passage back to Kirigakure's island. When she returned, Shinrai was stunned at what had happened while she was gone; entire bloodlines wiped out, and her own clan barely hanging on. Shinrai was immediately reinstated to her post, and took the second tattoo on her breast, this one ceremonial: the character for "guardian," as she promised to protect the future of her clan with all of her body, if needed....and she resolved to use the ninja of Kirigakure and the shinobi caste system to do it.
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