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Post  Rock Lee on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:04 am

Player Name: Rock Lee
Native Language: English

Name: Rock Lee
Birth Date: November 27
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 54.7 kg
Blood Type: A

Affiliation: Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Rank: Chunin
Team:Team Guy[Guy-sensei, Tenten, Neji Hyūga], Third Division
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown, Guy-sensei as a father-figure
Siblings: Unknown, presumably none.

Hair colour and style: Black, bowl cut
Eye colour: Black
Body-build: Musclar
Markings: Multiple scars and callouses along his forearms, shins, hands, and feet.
Outfit: A simple green jumpsuit with long sleeves and legs worn under a Leaf Shinobi flak jacket. His head band is used as a belt, and he also wears orange leg warmers to conceal his ankle weights and to further emulate Guy-sensei. He keeps his hands and forearms wrapped in bandages to conceal his wounds from training, to strength his blows, and to serve as part of his Primary and Hidden Lotus techniques.

Clan Name: N/a
Head-member: N/a
Kekkei Genkai: N/a
Occupation around village: N/a
Brief history: N/a

Ninjutsu N/A
Weapon of Choice: None. Proficient with tonfa, nunchucks, and bo staff
Elements: N/A
Taijutsu Styles:
* Strong Fist
* Drunken Fist

* Leaf Whirlwind
* Leaf Great Whirlwind
* Leaf Hurricane
* Leaf Rising Wind
* Dancing Leaf Shadow
* The Eight Inner Gates
- Gate of Opening
- Gate of Rest
- Gate of Life
- Gate of Pain
- Gate of Closing
* Primary Lotus (Requires the first Inner Gate)
* Hidden Lotus (Requires the first three Inner Gates)

Personality: Lee is extremely energetic, single-minded, and over-enthusiastic. He is characterized as being the epitome of a "nice guy", having assumed many of Guy's personality quirks. One such trait is his apparent lack of common sense, believing at times that he can get what he wants by not wanting it. At other times, he takes copious notes, but forgets that he cannot check them during a fight.

He also has a keen sense of honor, and respects his opponents, refusing to hold grudges against those who have defeated him, and returning favors to those that have helped him. Lee feels others should show the same respect towards their opponents, and is disgusted whenever someone is unnecessarily cruel to their enemies.

Lee is known for speaking respectfully to others, speaking in a very proper tone, and never using contractions or swearwords. His relationship with Guy has also caused him to acquire many of Guy's traits; in addition to his personality, his dedication to his promises, as well as his belief that one cannot dislike food, are characteristics of Guy.

He is generally optimistic, and believes that, with hard work and passion, he can surpass a natural genius, but can be prone to depression when faced with setbacks. His drive to succeed was initially most evident with his rivalry with Neji, having learned from Guy that having a rival will provide incentive to succeed. Neji, a "genius" ninja, found Lee's efforts of bettering himself to be in vain, believing Lee would be stuck as a "failure" for the rest of his life.

As such, Lee resolved to prove Nevis wrong, and confronted another "genius", Sasuke Uchiha, in an attempt to test his worth. While Lee maintained the desire to defeat Neji in a fight throughout the Chūnin Exam Arc, after Neji's eventual defeat by Naruto Uzumaki, another so-called "failure", Lee became less interested in this goal. Neji's rejection of his previous belief in fate might also have contributed to this, as he now respects Lee.

Shortly after his introduction, Lee revealed that he liked Sakura Haruno, asking her to be his girlfriend and vowing to protect her immediately after they met. While she did not seem to share these feelings for him, and considered him weird, Lee maintained these feelings, and went out of his way to help her throughout the Chūnin Exams. Sakura becomes more appreciative after this, and punches Naruto whenever he insults Lee.

During his time as a student in the Ninja Academy, Lee proved to have no talent for ninjutsu and genjutsu. He was mocked by his peers because of this. In spite of this, Lee persevered and began training in taijutsu rigorously in all his spare time. When Lee eventually graduated he was added to Team Guy. During the team's first meeting he vowed to become a splendid ninja that specialized in taijutsu. Neji Hyūga laughed at him, but their sensei, Might Guy, took a special interest in Lee. He encouraged Lee to keep at it and, in time, began teaching him powerful forms of taijutsu.

Lee and the rest of Team Guy trained together in various forms of taijutsu in their time together. Lee frequently sought to challenge Neji to a fight, hoping to prove that hard work could beat natural talent. Each time, Neji beat him down and Lee fell into a depressed state. It was around this time that Guy-sensei took Lee under his wing and they began to train separate from the rest of Team Guy. As a result, Lee's taijutsu skill increased and he learned how to unlock the Eight Inner Gates and utilize the Primary and Hidden Lotus. It was also around this time that Lee changed his appearance to more closely mimic his sensei.

Team Guy waited for a year before participating in the Chūnin Exams, along with the Rookie Nine. Lee was looking forward to testing his new talents on Neji, but first sought out to test himself against another "natural genius", Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto attempted to gain Lee's attention but was defeated with next to no effort. Then he fought Sasuke and nearly used the Primary Lotus on the Uchiha boy before Guy appeared and berated Lee for utilizing that forbidden technique.

During the first part of the exam, Lee was able to get through the test with the aid of Tenten and Neji. In the Forest of Death, after spending several days gathering supplies, Team Guy separated to locate other teams. Lee tracked down Team 7 and helped fight off Team Dosu. In the preliminaries, Lee was stunned to see both Sasuke and Naruto use elements of his fighting style and adapt them so quickly to their own, earning both of them a spot on a list of people to fight.

As the second to last match of the Preliminary Round to thin the numbers of Chūnin candidates. It was here that Lee was pitted against Gaara of the Village Hidden in the Sand. It was here that Lee showed his true potential, shocking everyone. First he ditched the weights, allowing him to move so fast that few of the others could keep up with him, allowing him to bypass Gaara's sand shield. When that was not enough, Lee unleashed his Primary Lotus. After Gaara used a Sand Clone to take the fatal hit, Lee was battered and thrown about the ring to an extent that would leave many in a hospital for weeks, let alone unable to fight. But he pressed and unleashed his full power in a five gate Hidden Lotus. Only the goard on Gaara's back kept it from being a victory.

In the end, Lee lost more than just the match. His left arm and leg, already heavily damaged from the Gates, had been crushed. His future as a ninja was in jeopardy. Even so, despite orders not to, Lee did his best to train again to become well. Even after Tsunade returned to the Hidden Leaf Village as the Fifth Hokage and performed a risky surgery to aid him, Lee still suffered the effects of that fateful day for weeks. But his spirit remained undaunted and Lee continued to train to become a splendid ninja.

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Post  Uchiha Itachi on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:31 am

Put N/A in place of where it might not have any information, and.. List your teammates where it says Team:.

Basically, put:

[b]Team:[/b] Team Gai (Neji Hyuga, Tenten, [u]Rock Lee[/u], Maito Gai), Third Divison

Aside of that, you have my approval..

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Stamp of approval..

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